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Just back from the post office. Sometimes I feel like going to the post office is like handling a live grenade. You never know which teller you’re going to get and they all have such specific preferences. I’ve learned this from my days of ebay – never take anything for granted at the PO. Today I asked for "regular air mail" to the UK and got a big fat lecture. "Nothing on my screen says regular…" I’d never seen this guy before. Must be weekend help. Arg, the weekenders. I often think I need to just stay underground on the weekends and resurface on Mondays. The weekend traffic, the weekend park-goers, etc.

So anyway, back to mail business. I’ve got my back-tack materials out. Hope I did it right and that the gal likes what I sent. I’m so curious to see what I’m going to get. I think it will be such a fun challenge to take one person’s materials and make something to suit someone else’s tastes and interests while keeping true to my own style. In vintage fabric swap news, everyone’s share should have arrived by now I think. Let me know if yours still hasn’t shown up. I’ve received a bunch of return packages already. Thanks! I’m going to wait and take some photos of my favorites when I get everything in. The mail also brought some previously set-up swap goodies like these fun treats from Frances.

Oh, and Frances your package went out today! Hopefully the Canadian/US post will be timely. Although Mr. Snottybutt probably just tossed it in the mail to Papua New Guinea pile because he thought I was giving him lip.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Our mailperson is Mr. Snottybutt’s aunt’s nephew twice removed, I’m sure of it. Most of our mail ends up delivered to Papua New Guinea instead of to our house. Happy Mother’s Day!

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