if only I were a little more plain looking

I was hoping I’d have something cute to show today but last night, while a happy tv night (that’s what the title is all about), was a craftASTER! I very calmly and amazingly without much swearing managed to sew the bag part of a basket bag into a big chinese finger trap, then after an attack with the seam ripper I sewed it to one basket once – that looks wrong, twice – this basket sucks, and then to another basket once – what the shit?! Finally I gave up and went to bed. I need some better baskets and I’m out of ideas of where to find them.

So instead of a finished project, here’s something from my I-want-to-try-that list – Pojagi!

I’d seen a few of these beautiful transparent patchwork curtains before not knowing what they were and then Jen in Tokyo filled me in. They’re pojagi which is Korean patchwork. Evidentally all things Korean are the rage in Japan. Jen described pojagi as – "it’s almost like English paper piecing without the paper, as straight
edges are whipstitched together, right sides facing." Cool! I’m not sure I need another hand sewing quilting project but I don’t know if I can resist.  It’s so colorful and modern. And I love the stained glass effect of it.

Paper Cloud found a beautiful pojagi book at Kinokuniya. Maybe I can just find a pojagi book and looking at the pictures will be enough for me. She also found some excellent links – pojagi.jp

and this site korea-e.jp. Jen sent me this link too. They have all sorts of info on pojagi, online shopping (aren’t these colors beautiful!), lessons and examples, I think these are kits you can buy…

Ok, I have to stop looking or I’ll totally bag all my other projects and go pojagi crazy!

12 thoughts on “if only I were a little more plain looking

  1. amy k. says:

    oooooooo. so good and summer-y. perfect and light. wonderful. I need to do more research-the sheer is so elegant(but scares the #$!@%* out of me, cause you should see what the back of my small quilts look like! not pretty.)

  2. Princess says:

    your site is evil. These are goregous. I think that I may have to take up their creation. The 18 room dollhouse that I am building will yet again go on the backburner. Thanks

  3. kathy says:

    yeah, people hate sarah w because she’s beautiful?! Please. Obviously no one ever told her that “Beauty is as beauty does.” Glad to be rid of her!!

  4. Andrea says:

    Those curtains are beautiful! I was thinking of doing something similar, using bits of old silk scarves, but I had never heard of this technique. Very inspiring.

  5. ulla says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and the links.
    Wonderful work and a soft ,transparant “artwork”
    Ulla in the north of Sweden
    a patchwork friend

  6. Judith says:

    These are really beautiful. But what happens with the raw edges? Anybody got a close up photo of the seam? Thanks

  7. Jenny says:

    woo-hahahha! sarah dub had it coming. “im so FUN, im a great CATCH, im always like, this adventurous and i’ve got charlie in the bag. girls always hate me, no wait, everyone ALWAYS likes me blah blah blah, totally insecure maybe?
    i’ll admit it, i thought she was cute in the beginning, but a little overshooting others perception of herself there! calm down sarah. c a l m down. i can’t wait till next week, the women tell ALL. woohahahahha!

  8. treetop says:

    tuesday, feb 10, 2009
    please review and update the (red highlighted) links on this web page. many seem to be obsolete. thank you. it is not necessary to write me back.

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