his strength was in his hair

Oscar is sick. He was all super drippy snotty yesterday morning and then by afternoon was burning up with a fever of 102. Turns out he thinks Baby Tylenol is liquid candy so that was easy. I thought he’d make it through the night ok and was surprised when he woke up at midnight all hot and whiney. Oscar rarely gets sick and this is his highest fever yet. So of course we had to go digging out all the baby books, get online, rule everything out. He went back to sleep after some more liquid candy and much canoodling. But it didn’t stick and I was up quite a few times last night and am kinda loopy this morning. How quickly one forgets about the middle of the night waking business. So because he’s a sicky icky we’ve got the car today. I took him for a big long drive instead of his usual morning walk to the playground. We drove all the way out to Mitsuwa for a get-better treat. Ran into the neighbor on the way in and she suggested mint tea for Oscar. But I went with the chocolate cream filled panda pastry instead. I’m *that* mom. It’s been all binkies, cookies, tv, milk out of bottles instead of big boy sippy cups. That’s the only good part of being all hot and sick – getting all the good stuff you want!


p.s. don’t worry Tim

18 thoughts on “his strength was in his hair

  1. kerrie says:

    Poor little man. I hope he feels better soon. I’m totally that type of mum too, we have days on the sofa watching DVDs under a duvet with homemade milkshakes, biscuits and other feel better type foods. Its the only way I think..

  2. moki says:

    Poor guy!!! Poor mommy! Funny how a mommys panic when the little ones get sick. And then we are so extra sweet and thoughtful. And it’s really only a fever. 😉

  3. Leslie says:

    Poor guy! Nothing gets me more freaked than a fever! (My daughter once had a febrile seizure….and ever since then I fear fevers!)
    From the pic., though, he looks like he’s feeling better already! I think that panda would make me feel better too! 🙂

  4. carly says:

    Moopy says she knows how you feel Oscar …she has just as I type this called out for mumum and chris is off to get more baby panadol…we think we might be in for another big night of snot face, snotty pants. Good luck..take a nap

  5. amy k. says:

    i never feel more like a mom than when I’m taking care of a sick child in the middle of the night.
    I hope he gets better and soon and takes a long nap, so you can catch-up on some rest too!

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