fabric swap loot

Most of the swap packages are in from the vintage fabric swap I did a few weeks ago. I wanted to post a few of my favorites…

from Valentina (the sweetheart who found that japanese patchwork book for me in NY)


from Stephanie



also from Stephanie, a super cute handmade fabric card and awesome felt beads made by her daughter. I’m so excited about these! I’ve been coveting felt beads forever.


I got other cute handmade stuff. This painted block for Oscar from Moki


And Brandi did this embroidery for me


I also got lots of cute cards like this one from Laura


In addition to fabric some people sent other fun things like these fabulous vintage buttons from Cindy


and this vintage handkerchief from Susanne


Thanks everybody!

9 thoughts on “fabric swap loot

  1. seedpod says:

    Fun stuff! Felt beads are fun and super easy to make. I made some with my kids the other day and posted a tutorial to go from fluff to kool-aid dye. I bet even Oscar could get in on the sqishy fun!

  2. Cindy says:

    I went back to a antiques store on my lunch break for those buttons. Illegally parked with my motor running and locked my keys in the car! So glad you like them : )

  3. eireann says:

    A funny little thing I noticed–on the card Laura sent you, ‘Hillary から’ means ‘from Hillary,’ and ‘Lauraさま’ means ‘(implied ‘to’) Laura.’
    様/さま (sama) is an honorific, like ‘san,’ that modifies the lastname of the addressee. It’s extremely polite. 🙂 So here it would be like ‘Miss’ or ‘Mrs.’ and imply that the name after it was the name of the recipient. 🙂 🙂

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