cute togs

Tim and I initially came up with the name Wee Wonderfuls for a plan I had to sell vintage kids clothes online. I ended up talking myself out of it like I usually do. I just saw over on Frecklewonder that she’s added kids clothes and they’re so cute!

It doesn’t hurt that she has such a cute model! And speaking of CUTE – check out Mia in her new smock. Stephanie she’s adorable!! I’m so glad it fits her.

And speaking of self doubt out… this is so inspiring! I’m not punking out on myself again!

7 thoughts on “cute togs

  1. kelly says:

    Definitely the perfect child/smock match! Well done! Let’s not enter into the self doubt world… I think I’ve had enough of that for 3 lifetimes! When you need a little boost, just read everyone’s comments when you’ve posted a new creation…

  2. kathreen says:

    i know what you mean – talking yourself out of things – self doubt and no time, energy and motivation. but doing it can be rewarding too – even if it comes to naught!

  3. Cindy says:

    I sent an email to Frecklewonder saying how much of a cutie he is..makes everyone smile : )
    Doubt.. you ….naw!

  4. tania says:

    hm! that quote about entrepreneurs! dang that self doubt “oh some one is already doing that better” i like the idea of shutting that voice up!
    thanks for the reminder.

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