basket bag

I finished up this basket bag last night. I’ve had this bag mostly done for a while. I’d picked out, from my stash, this cute vintage fabric Melissa had sent me and quilted it to some batting, put some Kaffe Fassett stripes around the top and some warm polka dot flannel on the inside (to keep the crafting supplies cozy) and then I set out to sew in onto the basket. And as I already mentioned ran into all sorts of trouble. I went back to Pier 1, got another of the trusty baskets I used for my first basket bag and then everything was back on track. It matched perfectly and I was so happy. Then, of course I accidentally snipped through the striped fabric while cutting my drawstring. Doh! Shoddy workmanship. I’ll have to fill the basket full of fun treats to make up for it!

the slice!

13 thoughts on “basket bag

  1. Vicki says:

    The slice looks pretty un-noticeable to me, but if it were something I made it’d make me crazy. Must keep the supplies cozy 🙂

  2. amy k. says:

    It’s wonderful! and why is it that some project get the mad mojo? I swear, if one things goes wrong, something else always goes wrong too-at least there was no seam ripping. that makes me coo-coo!

  3. Sarah says:

    I love those basket bags! I drive by Pier One everyday on my way home… one of these times I have to stop in for a basket so I can try out my own basket bag!! Your site is such an inspiration!

  4. abbyjane says:

    I love your baskets! My mother-in-law told me that her mother, who was an excellent seamstress and made all her children’s clothes, used to punch holes along the rim of margarine tubs and attach fabric like you have done and give them to her daughter as little purses.
    I’ve admired your site for a long time. As someone who is home with a 13 month old and who crafts while she naps, I am inspired by your posts!

  5. Evan Zhang says:

    I think u may promote the product to flower company.
    I am one of the owners of a bag manufacturing company. If u want to produce it in bulk. I’ll help u. 🙂

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