back-tack: raw materials

I got my first back-tack package today. I knew it was on the way and I was so excited to see what I was going to get. But I never guessed it would be such a treat! I was so impressed by this beautiful package and it was so fun to open all these little surprises.


All these lovely packages – some for me and some to use for my back-tack project – and all with fun little quotes from a book of sewing for girls written on them.



And for me! A cute Aranzi Aronzo handkerchief, a tiny japanese notepad, a yummy little soap that smells awesome and a cutie tiny japanese stamp. Good things definitely come in lots of small packages!


Also for me… Mabel! a-ha now I know who my secret partner is… Alison of six and a half stitches! Here‘s little Mabel kitty. "Mabel is a wool blanket felt kitty, with contrast green ears, a Liberty print dress with contrast stripey lining and ribbon straps. She likes to play Snakes and Ladders and she would like to have a pet lamb one day." As luck would have it I just happen to have a little lamb just Mabel’s size!


Thank you Alison! I wasn’t expecting treats for me. It was so much fun opening the package. And then the back-tack materials – gorgeous! Great soft dark gray wool, beautiful florals, gingham (ya!) and beautiful ribbons and fabric covered buttons.




I’m excited to start planning my finished project. With such nice materials how can I go wrong!

11 thoughts on “back-tack: raw materials

  1. shanna says:

    What great loot you got! I checked out the back-tack site and I have to say I’m terribly envious! I hope there will be a next round of exchanges to sign up for. Have a great day!

  2. kelly says:

    Ooohh, great package! I can’t wait to see what I get, and I really need to get my outgoing package together… Great to get some inspiration from yours!

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