back-tack: finished product


I know I still have a whole month to finish up my back-tack notions holder but my raw materials were just too enticing (especially the super soft gray wool) and I had to jump on it. It was really fun to picking out things from my stuff to match up with what Alison sent me. I had picked up this dark brown purplish basket to make another little sewing basket bag. I thought maybe it’d go with my b-t stuff or I’d make it for something else. It matched perfectly! I did a little sashiko embroidery action on the wool, used the beautiful floral fabric and ribbon Alison sent and made this basket bag as my notions holder.



I made a funny little pin cushion to go inside. I had this sample of pippi knee socks yarn that Cheryl sent me that was just the right color scheme so I was trying to figure out what to do with it. I ended up knitting it into a little patch that I used as the bottom of this pincushion. I had this fantastic super thick fuzzy wool felt in deep eggplant purple that totally matched the floral fabric so I used that for the top along with some ribbon Alison sent and some cool Japanese fabric that Eireann just sent me. I was going for something like the kimono quilt design with some sashiko embroidery on the sides. Tim thinks it looks like a bar of soap. For the pins I glued some pretty glass czech beads onto some straight pins.


I used the rest of the felt to make this needlecase. The beautiful fabric covered buttons are from my back-tacker, the gray polka dot fabric is vintage kimono fabric that I had from Amy. I just love how it all came together.


I did a little wonky sashiko on the inside too.


Now for what to put inside. I’m going to send along the rest of the beautiful fabrics Alison sent me that I didn’t use – except the rest of the Liberty and the gray wool – those I’m keeping for me! 🙂 I’ve also chosen some fun (I hope) notions and crafty supplies from my collection. And then this afternoon I went to the bead store and filled one of those little wood bowls with some really pretty beads – vintage Czech, German and Japanese, glass and porcelain. My b-t’er gave me an ‘anything goes’. I hope these sing to her.


34 thoughts on “back-tack: finished product

  1. pippi says:

    those are very lovely!
    some of my favorite colors.
    i’m sitting here squinting and squinting and can not make out what yarn that was. but, it looks lovley!

  2. amy k. says:

    wah-wah! freaking out-can’t type. want it al. wah!
    the attention to detail is soooo wonderful and it looks like you had so much fun! i’m especially freakin’ about the knited pin cushion bottom,(what a creative way to use the yarn!) and the sashiko details (love!) and the matching pins, and the basket bag -oh, it ALL looks so lovely. *big happy sigh.* very very nice.

  3. Hanna says:

    I chickned out and was afraid to sign up coz’ how could I make something for somebody else? I wish I was your parnter though, lucky girl who gets all that goodie stuff! Beautiful sewing!

  4. debbie says:

    Crikey!! that’s just so amazing! the illustration friday theme this week is ‘envy’. i think you just need to copy your post for today!! ;o) we’re all drooling!

  5. Alison says:

    It’s Been fantastic to come over here and see what you did with it all!! It looks gorgeous, and how wonderful for the recipient to open it all up and find all those litle things in it.

  6. riarug says:

    I received an amazing package from my backtack buddy last week! I am still staring at it in wonder and here you’ve gone and completed yours? Now I am eager to get started in the hopes that it turns out as wonderful as yours. Can’t wait to see who gets your creations!

  7. Sara says:

    Oh, man – I was going to sew a drawstring bag to a basket, too. Haven’t gotten my materials yet… Oh well, nothing new under the sun. 🙂 These are marvelous. Your pal is very lucky!

  8. kelly says:

    Trying to catch up with all of your beautiful work… well done! Isn’t it great when all of the colors work out so well! I love the richness of the palette and your amazing attention to detail. Beautifully executed Hillary!

  9. Bettsi says:

    Hillary, this is the prettiest one so far! I’m not big into the purple tones usually, but this is gorgeous. What an excellent use of material. Your back-tacker is SO LUCKY! Thanks for the inspiration. BTW, when you make shrinky dink pins (I realize these aren’t), how big do you cut the the shapes before you bake them?

  10. Kelli says:

    Good lord! These are incredible! I am a backtacker and I hope to have something relatively acceptable to mail. You, on the other hand, are sending something that is boutique quality. You are going to put me to serious shame. They are simply lovely.
    p.s. you karmically deserve all the wonderful things people send you in the mail too.

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