Yurio Seki

I can’t remember how I first stumbled across Japanese designer Yurio Seki and his Salvia brand of lifestyle items. But like all finds Japanese it led me down a path to other amazing finds.

Here’s a little bit about him. Here’s a cool shop that has his stuff. (this might be how I found him) And here are some of the neat things from the Salvia line…

Also at Loule were his postcards and books which led to P.I.E. books. A search for P.I.E. books led me to Last Gasp, a cool bookshop in San Francisco carrying comics and zines and all sorts of other great stuff including P.I.E. books like this one

Inspiration by Lotta Jansdotter, "A book of sketches for textile designs and everyday items with motifs inpired by Nature. The Swedish textile designer’s works and writings invite us into the realm of her inspiration."

And these…100 Creators’ Pet Characters, Discover of Cover, postcard book of tenugui designs, Lilliput:Walter Trier’s World, Matchbox Label Collection 1920s-40s and Book of Imaginary Books. I’m so intrigued by this last one!

This search also led me to this book Russian Words by Yurio Seki and two other artists. This link has a very cool flash version of an excerpt from the book.

8 thoughts on “Yurio Seki

  1. amy k. says:

    nice finds-thank you. i think my book budget is shot for awhile, but this would be good for my b-day list for hubby-
    so curious to see what the books are like in the inside-I wish we could peek before buying
    I got a liitle craft packet off to you today-be on the lookout!

  2. tomoko says:

    hello, I am very behind on commenting here but I just found it… I am not sure if you read this but I just wanted to let you know that Yurio Seki is a female designer. her name sounds like a man… so she must always get her sex mixed up. in any case, she is a fabulous designer and I was not surprised that she has caught your attention! : ) Take care.

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