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Ok, the librarian in me is sated! Thanks everyone for playing the share ISBN game with me and for all the cool new tips. I think there is enough info in that last post and then all the comments and links from comments to find just about any japanese craft book out there! All the cute japanese stuff can be so overwhelming. I often think about starting up another weblog… zakka.typepad.com and tracking just cool japanese stuff…books, shops, weblogs. But that’s way too ambitious for me. Someone out there get cracking on that okay 😉

For now, I’m done looking. It’s time to start doing. I have all sorts of exciting (to me) new projects I want to work on. I really want to spend some time just thinking and sketching and trying to nail down a style all my own. I’ve always been in awe of artists like Rosa or Claire, or most recently Maminka (via Myra) whose style is so evident in all their work. And I feel like the barrier between me and that kind of cohesiveness is my lack of art skills. So I really want to just focus and see what I can come up with. And I’m enlisting Tim’s help so I’m very optimistic! Speaking of Tim’s help… he sent me an email today saying "i really like the way this site looks: maybe it’s just me, but it’s laid out so well and so clean looking. it’s almost punk rock somehow." So get your fill of the flowery background now while you can!

So what I’m working on is a new doll, hopefully it’ll turn into a series of dolls. What inspired me was some fun mail I got from Melissa last week. She sent me some crafty bits and bobs including this cuuute book… The Lucky Sew-it-yourself Book. I just love this little girl!


And in the spirit of doing instead of just looking I’ve been working on this house pincushion this week. I sewed it all by hand. I cut it out freehand too – just eyeballing it. It was very relaxing to sit on the couch working on a little something. (oh! I just noticed Kitty’s has that house pattern book up. so here are the pictures I promised. I’m a cheat!)


But man, my handiwork is crap! I can covet Japanese craft all I want but with stitching like this I wouldn’t last a day in Japan! Right Jen 🙂


16 thoughts on “what’s buzzin cousin

  1. bellablue says:

    Gee, Hillary, I think it looks beautiul! It reminds me so much of Oilily and the way their fabrics are pieced together. Good luck with your upcoming projects… I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Lu says:

    It is so easy to get caught up in looking for ideas instead of just doing something. I am kind of in the same boat with you trying to find my style. Thing is, people tell me they see it. I don’t, at the moment.
    And I love the pincushion. Great job doing!

  3. laura r. says:

    first off, you would THRIVE in japan, you would “last” & then some! I have that very same Lucky book & i love it too.
    isn’t it funny how you compare yourself to Claire, Rosa & Maminka and i compare myself to YOU all the time!!!!!
    i wonder if it human nature.
    i remain,
    sincerely yours

  4. seedpod says:

    I think you have a style of your own. I remember browsing the “Vintage Cat Walk” month of softies entries. When I first saw your kitties I knew they must be yours. Look at the faces of your bunnies, your squirrel, your cats– the eye shape, the color combinations, the vintage look– they all shout “WEE WONDERFULS!”

  5. Jane says:

    I totally agree with seedpod, Hil, you definitely have a style which is quite evident in your softies, pin cushions and even the carrysmalls. How that theme reaches into your other projects will be interesting to see.

  6. kelly says:

    Hillary, you definitely have a style that is all your own, but maybe you are too close to see it. I’ve posted about feeling the same way, and I know how frustrating it can be. I can also relate on the “too much reading, too little crafting” subject. It’s been especially rough this week with my sewing machine being serviced and me getting a fun case of strep throat! Ugggh!

  7. hannah says:

    here, here! wee wonderfuls is a definite style. and i love it! you take things and make them your own, like the house pin cushion. it that amazing eye of yours… love the fabric choices.

  8. Jennifer in Tokyo says:

    So happy that you are enjoying your needlework on the couch. Quite fun, isn’t it? Most people I know dread attaching the backside of quilt binding, since it has to be done by hand. But I looooove sitting with a quilt and stitching away.
    Your house is really cute!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    And about the Japanese stuff…yeah, we all know that a Zakka blog would rock and that the cute cute cute stuff in this country is endless and flows continuously through bookstores and zakka stores, but…if the point (my point, at least!) is to find a style, and make things yourself, then it all starts to become overload.

  10. Melissa says:

    Dear Hilary, I agree with Lu that although we can’t sometimes see our own style others can. I can’t see mine. But I can definately see yours! Anyway I’d better be off. In the words of Elvis..’A little less converstaion a little more action’!!!

  11. Miss Fae says:

    I love the pincusion just as much as everyone else. I think its grand that it isnt perfect as it gives it that hobby-chic look we all adore so much.
    Would love ot see some scans of that sewing book: my my!@

  12. Bettsi says:

    Well, I just have to chime in and agree with everyone! You do have a unique style. It’s what made me fall in love with Wee Wonderfuls. As far as the looking and not crafting, that is the inspiration time. You can’t have one without the other. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  13. Martha says:

    Sounds like you are poised for a giant leap! How exciting. Everyone loves your creations, but as I said, it sounds like great new ideas are ready to spring forth.

  14. Ria says:

    I was searching to see if I could find anything more about the book The Lucky Sew-it-yourself Book and it led me to your sight, behold, we both have a copy!
    I just started a group on Flickr to post Vintage Children’s Craft Books (http://www.flickr.com/groups/39806839@N00/) and this was my first book I placed there. Please feel free to post any other interesting finds that you make for the rest of us to check out!
    Love your blog and work, I have been a fan for a while!

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