Violet you’re turning violet!

I just talked to my good friend Laura back in Texas and she had her sweet baby girl last week. Welcome Violet Rae!

Now I’ve got baby quilt fever again. Namesake aside I’m not sure I’m ready to dive into another purple baby quilt. Laura’s husband Chris joked when they found out they were having another girl that they’d have to paint the house pink. So I’m thinking maybe blues. Girly blues of course. Maybe a coin quilt with blues on a white background?


I don’t know what I’m doing up at this hour planning new projects. It’s a sickness. Off to bed with me.

Oh, and if you’re a first timer maybe the project list would be interesting to you. Thanks typepad for the mention!

9 thoughts on “Violet you’re turning violet!

  1. Melanie says:

    A quilt in PBTeen (I know!) caught my eye last night. Larger squares (5 or 6 inches) in different fabrics, all on point, with white sashing between all the blocks. It reminded me of your i spy idea AND it looks a lot like what you have laid out. Simple & fun for kids. (and I’m in favor of girly blues! very sweet.)

  2. violette says:

    Hey! My name is Violette…the french version of Violet! My house is even painted purple too!! A purple and chartreuse quilt would be a fun combination!

  3. Amber says:

    YES to a blue quilt for a baby girl. One of my very most important treasures ever, and certainly my favorite blanket of all time, is the quilt my aunt made for me. She KNEW I was going to be a girl, and she made me a blue quilt ANYWAY, just because they were the prettiest fabrics.
    Hooray for blue quilts!

  4. Ellen A says:

    Wow YOU’RE Hillary! Laura talked about you at work, when she worked with me at the Capitol back in the day. And I got here from a random blog. The internet sure feels small sometimes.
    Laura was right, you make beautiful things.

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