Thanks Jess!


The mailman brought me the most fun package the other day all the way from Australia. It is the last of the vintage clothing trades. I’m going to have to dig out some more treasures from the basement soon.

Jessie and her friend Claire design shirts! Right now they’re stocked in stores in Melbourne and Sydney and they’re in the process of creating a website. She sent me these 3 really cute shirts…. I love the patterns on them.




Also this very cool button necklace that I LOVE that Jessie’s Mom made and this amazing little sweater pin that was handknit by a friend of hers. And other sewing themed accessories, zipper earrings and a measuring tape flower corsage pin – fun! Speaking of fun, Oscar and I are quite taken with the little wind up robot and chick toys. We like to race them – chick always wins.



Isn’t this amazing! I can’t imagine what size needles you need to knit this!


Thanks again Jess! Fun trading with you.

11 thoughts on “Thanks Jess!

  1. sally says:

    The prints on those t-shirts are sooo cool. will you post the website when they are done with it so I can get my very own? Thanks.

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