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I’ve had these two patchwork pillows sitting on my craft table almost done for a week now. I was determined to finish them up today during naptime. I wanted to put them up on the WeeAuction today, but I ran into a snafu. I scanned some illustrations from a cute little vintage kid’s book we have and then printed them out on transfer paper, ironed them on to fabric and made them the center squares of little patchwork pillows (like the one I made with the transfer Camilla sent me). So I finished the quilting and sewed them up and was stuffing one when I noticed the transfer image split. bah!


Now I don’t know what to do with them. I thought they’d make such cute little crib pillows for a nursery. Maybe I’ll take the backs off and frame them and they can hang on the wall. But the backs are so cute. At least then they’ll be safe from splitting – since they’re such gd delicate flowers.



I need to find some new transfer paper.

15 thoughts on “patchwork pillows

  1. Marianna says:

    I have had very good results from a product I bought online called “Miracle Fabric Sheets” They are pre-treated sheets of quality muslin with a paper backing. So instead of doing a transfer you print on the actual sheets. Or they will sell you a liquid so you can pre-treat your own fabric. I originally found out about this fabric from a quilting website. The quilter raved about the ability to wash the final results. Here is their website Good Luck 🙂

  2. teresa says:

    the printer fabric is what i was going to suggest too. that is what i use to make my pouches with mr. bunny on it. i am not sure of the brand name i use, though…but it is great!

  3. Kippiann says:

    Try Bubble Jet Set it works GREAT. You wet your fabric, let it dry, iron it to freezer paper (for stability) run it through your printer, rinse with Bubble Jet Rinse and VOILA it is permanent and washable. Not plastic looking like the iron on transfers.
    btw, I enjoy your site very much.

  4. Hayley says:

    All great suggestions… Meanwhile, to salvage your current project, try just running the very tip of a warm iron over the split, to sort of feather the edges. I use this on the edges of my transfers to keep the corners from curling up…
    Fabulous site, indeed. I have a Wee army massing on my coffee table…

  5. Bettsi says:

    You are so clever for coming up with this idea! I want to make some too now! But I think I’ll take the other readers’ advice about printing directly onto the fabric. Thanks (again) for the inspiration!

  6. canan says:

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