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Oh wonderful Wednesday. Today I the mail brought me two packages! One from Rosa and one from Camilla. I sent off two kitties to live with these gals and they sent me back these two super-cuties, Redtop and Kitty doll #171 (name to be determined). Normally I would dedicate an individual post to each of these amazingly talented women gushing over their creations but I think it’s fate that these two showed up together and they even kind of match. I’m convinced they’re best friends! I had to take them out and show them the town together.

Here they are checking out one of Oscar’s favorite haunts, the park/library combo.


Redtop was anxious to acclimate so we went over to the library for a Swedish/English dictionary.


Plaid-kitty had less academic pursuits in mind…she wanted to climb after Oscar.


Both are a little nervous about living here in the U.S. with this crazy little boy. But Betsy and Pippy clued them in to the best part – playing with Oscar’s toys after he goes to bed.


Thank you Camilla and Rosa! xoxoxo

21 thoughts on “new housemates

  1. kerrie says:

    I love the photos, I can only imagine people’s reactions to watching you take them! I guess explaining that you are taking the photos for your weblog would not really help would it? Cute dolls!

  2. Shannon says:

    I visit daily and just love coming to see what’s new with you. This took the cake! So cute seeing those two sweet dolls out on the town! Thanks for making me smile 🙂

  3. laura r. says:

    hillary, you are killing me.
    it would be so great if you did a “children’s” book about oscar’s friends. sites in the hood, etc.
    i l o v e it!
    thank you.

  4. Eath says:

    hello there,how are you doing? wow i really think that you are doing a wonderfull job with everything there, wow i’m so impressed!
    alright take care!

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