mail goodies catch-up

I’ve received so much fun SURPRISE mail (the best kind!) lately

From sweet Tania a package of fun fun treats including robot stickers, gorgeous wood buttons she made and some vintage train themed Golden Books for Oscar.





Oscar was very excited about the train books. He demanded they be read to him at once!


From Lisa, once again proof that we’re H.O.T. But this time I actually got it!


and some of her wonderful robot pins for my bag.


From Melanie because she’s too generous… she shared some of her beautiful fabric from International Fabrics and some of her cute animal fabric I admired. Also a fabulous Maurice Sendak book that I’d never seen before and treasures of all treasures a Jill Bliss journal. It’s so beautiful. I put it in my bag so I can jot down all my clever ideas, um yeah, stare at its beauty and caress it lovingly is more like it!



And I’m long overdue in mentioning some great trade goodies (from the vintage clothing trade) from Jenny B. A cute quilt square card she painted, an adorable little felt scottie dog, bits and bobs for me to play with including tiles that spell out wee wonderfuls and some very fun treats for Oscar. Jenny that train whistle is a HUGE HIT!



Treats for Oscar that he couldn’t wait to get his hands on.


And I can’t forget my pincushions! These are the two pincushions I received from Ariana in the pincushion swap she set up on craftster. Aren’t they beautiful!



Thank you everybody! and sorry I’ve been such a pokey poster lately

7 thoughts on “mail goodies catch-up

  1. Jane says:

    OK, that’s so funny that you posted about this now. I’ve recently been thinking, what is UP with these people and their trading?!? I mean, trading handmade things I understand, and trading fabrics and materials to facilitate making more new things I understand, but the random toys and weirdness? Don’t get it. You live in a bizarre crafting sub-culture! Why did that person send you a smiling lollipop? Cafe Pupu notebook? An apple on a stick?
    Feh, I just wish I got better mail.

  2. hannah says:

    trades are AWESOME!! wonderful goodies hillary. why wouldnt you want to get such nice things inthe mail? beats the heck out of credit card offers!

  3. Jane says:

    Ha, I would probably mess it up somehow if I were to trade with someone. I would need a senior member to give me some hints: “OK, when participating in a trade, it is customary and highly expected you will include 3-5 small items as a secret bonus. At least one of those items must be vintage American 1940’s to 60’s, one must be Japanese, one must be paper goods, and the rest are wild cards.”

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