Friday randoms

I made another little basket bag last night. This one for when I have my hand sewing out in the Oscar zone. Much less dangerous this way than leaving scissors and pincushions in unauthorized (yet very accessible by climber toddler) zones.

I used that bright green mini basket I mentioned finding at Pier 1 and some fabulous wax print fabric Rosa sent along with my kitty. It matches perfectly!



I tried to take a while-sewing shot in the way of a tutorial but it was dark and I was sleepy. This time I was smart and used thread that matched the basket.



Rosa and Camilla each sent me a bit of ribbon in their packages… Rosa’s is on top and Camilla’s on bottom…they’re kindred spirits!



Our new favorite book that we discovered at the library this week, Jenny’s Birthday Book written and illustrated by Esther Averill. I love the illustrations (they remind me of Marcel Dzama) and that the kitties dance the sailor’s hornpipe.


Oscar is very pleased that kitties ride red firetrucks!



Tim is home today and we’re headed out to entertain the baby. Thank god. This was a looong week. I need more activities to entertain Oscar. We have our once a week music class – the one where Oscar screams the entire 45 minutes as if being tortured – that’s fun. But that’s our only scheduled activity. I’m not much of a joiner, but desperate times.. I need some playgroups? mommy’s groups? something. I can’t find any more classes that work for us – we only have a car on certain days. I’m at a loss. Maybe someone has some suggestions? Well more on all this I’m a big loser mommy business later…

Oh man! I forgot about the most amazing vintage fabric I found yesterday. I’ll have to take photos of that this afternoon. And maybe if I have the energy some new vintage things up for swap? I actually have a handle on my outgoing projects and of course, that means it’s time for more suwappus!

16 thoughts on “Friday randoms

  1. Stephanie says:

    Your basket bags are brilliant! I like the tote for going to the market. And the basket cover-up! Great for keeping little hands out, but also for camouflaging unsightly little things: toys, bathroom stuff, craft supplies. I’m going to give this a try.

  2. Shirra says:

    The bag is GREAT! The green is amazing, a real stand out color. Very good for spotting purposes. Don’t worry about the Oscar activities. With this nice weather it is amazing the entertainment value of a bottle of Bubbles. And you wont be the first to break any No Bubbles in the House ban should it come to it. It works well, too, for helping to keep the floors clean!

  3. beth says:

    i just have to leave a quick note to say that i have enjoyed perusing your blog since seeing it featured on typepad’s member page. love the design and feel of your blog, but really liked reading about your crafting pursuits. two things though that will definitely bring me back to check in:
    your quilting is inspiring. i have spent most of my time scrapbooking, but have a sewing machine and have plans to begin some quilting projects. loved the idea of the baby clothes quilt — had actually seen the idea first some years ago in a martha stewart baby issue. i have all 3 of my kids’ clothes saved for such a quilt, and seeing your son’s quilt is making me want to start on it — today!! we’ll see….
    also, i too have an oscar!! he will be 3 this july. he has a twin sister (elizabeth) and a big brother (michael). i feel a kindred connection to the other oscar families…they aren’t very commonplace around my parts (georgia).
    smiles, have a great one!

  4. michelle says:

    I found this great store in the-middle-of-nowhere Ontario that at some time appears to have boughten out a lace and trims store and sells all sorts of great stuff like the ribbons you have here, for 10-50 cents Canadian a metre.
    I spent $20.

  5. Katy. says:

    That was my favorite book as a kid!! I remember making an intricate diorama, with a little cutout illustration of each cat, for a book report in elementary school.. And it is not a coincidence that my first cat was named Jenny. 🙂

  6. *jenny says:

    My book! I read that as a little Jenny and thought it was written just for me. Later I found and bought a copy at the bookstore in the publisher’s office in NYC. I had just shown the editors there my portfolio and have since illustrated two books for them. But I digress… my favorite scene definitely was when they danced the sailor’s hornpipe in the moonlit park. My daughter’s first kitten was black and she named her Jenny Linksy.

  7. Laural says:

    That basket bag is super cute, what a great idea! I could really use one too because I tend to overstuff my crafting baskets so things spill out the top. This way it would stay a bit more under control!

  8. hannah says:

    hillary! i feel as though i have been away for ages! its only been ten days and you have accomplished sooo much! love the new sewing baskets, what a great idea! much better than those little plastic cases! and your new doll design is wonderful! i hope you find something to keep oscar occupied. when it gets warmer, hit the kiddie pool, eliot loved it and it was a perfect way to relax after lunch for an hour or so.

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