Flora and Merryweather‘s sister Fauna is done! These three kitties have been sitting on my craft table for months now. It feels so good to have them all finished! They’re fun to make – I love picking out the fabrics and designing the outfits – but after all the shoring up of seams and finishing touches on all three I’m ready to turn my attentions to non-kitty projects now.

I tried a jumper this time instead of a dress. I just got some new fabric from eQuilter and was so pleased with how well this floral matched up with Fauna’s colors. The striped shirt started life as a little boy’s top from the thrift store. I love the fabric and have been using it for little projects here and there. I was happy I had enough left over to create a miniature version of the shirt for Merryweather. Some little brown shoes and she’s all set. Now I just need to pack up her bag and she’ll be ready to head off to Sweden.


Although she’s not so keen on flying. She might try to drive it.


23 thoughts on “Fauna

  1. hannah says:

    she is the prettiest green kitty i have ever seen!
    how do you sew with knits? do you have a surger? what is the trick if you dont? shorter stich? i tried and just got a bunched up mess…

  2. Leslie says:

    Gorgeous, Hillary!
    I just LOVE how you reuse treasure hunt items in your projects — makes them *that* much more special. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you whip up next.

  3. Hanna says:

    You’re gonna stop now when you are at your best? 😉 Hope you’ll make more and this is just a pause. I LOVE that she has a brown t-shirt and that skirt – I’d like to wear a skirt like that!
    A little 70’s cat, right? Or maybe not, all that is modern again now, right?

  4. wee says:

    Flora, Fauna and Merriweather! The three fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty! Just Darling! Tell me, do the stuffed kitties do battle with their wands too, shooting colorful tell-a-tale sparkles up the chimney flue? (um, yeah… I’m a bit of a Disney animation (Classic Disney) freak. I’m a bit of an animatin freak altogether!

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