Crafty Kinder Egg!

Cheryl of Lily’s Rooster sent me the coolest surprise package… this little cutie crocheted bird. It has a drawstring top and then inside a plastic egg full of super cute vintage buttons. A crafty surprise! Just like chocolate kinder surprise eggs. I think this is the cleverest, cutest, most fun idea ever! I’m a sucker for crochet and it is so much fun to pop open the little plastic egg full of treats. So I think Cheryl should make a million of them to sell to us! Some of her cute things are already for sale at Copacetique and at Funky Utopia.


from Cheryl’s post about the birdie…"I love plastic easter eggs and I use them to sort lots of my little
crafty supplies. I think they should definitely be used year round, so
this little birdy holds magical treasures inside it’s own little egg. :)"


I also got one of her cute little snappy patches, this one is a robot. I love it! And this cool card too. I’m a lucky girl. Thank you Cheryl!!


The maillady has been good to me lately. I need to get my camera out and then I can show and tell. But right now it’s time to go lounge on the deck – 70 degrees in Chicago today!

7 thoughts on “Crafty Kinder Egg!

  1. jenn says:

    her things are so cute. I love the bunny with the headphones on!!
    I bought a navy and orange robot sweater for my little guy at gymboree for only three dollars. I will probably post a picture of it on my blog later. they had a ton of robot outfits but they were mostly bright orange and my son had reddish blonde hair so it is really not his color!!

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