I’ve been trying to get a message out from tantrumville for days. It hasn’t been going too well. Luckily I can still get incoming messages. Going to go catch up on some weblogs and email now. Also I’m going to work on a FAQ for my about me page. Anybody have any questions they’d like to see added to the list?

Here’s a picture of Oscar at the zoo yesterday… beautiful 65 degrees, first trip to the zoo, bears, elephants, dolphins and he pitches a huge fit about being in his stroller. Here he is loose after a goose.


11 thoughts on “captive

  1. jennifer says:

    Hi! I love love love your site! I would like to know a few things: 1. Did you ever take any sewing lessons or are you self taught? 2. What’s your favorite kind of soup? 3. What do you love best about the town you live in?

  2. laura r. says:

    1. where do you get your inspiration from?
    2. how do you balance an art life with work?
    3. what role do you see making things has in the big scheme of life?

  3. jenn says:

    I love to read your blog each day because you have such a positive and upbeat attitude. even things like tantrums and sleepless nights are treated with such a can-do nature that it makes my day seem brighter as well. you have inspired me in so many ways…made me see beauty in places where I may have never noticed it and introduced me to a whole new world of inspirations and ideas. so thanks for that and keep up the good work! I have no specific questions, I guess, except to note that the ones above are excellent.

  4. kerrie says:

    we’ve been chasing ducks at the wildlife park today. Hours of fun for everyone, except perhaps the ducks! Here’s my questions, how do you prioritise your day so that you can fit in all your craft stuff?

  5. Meredith says:

    I was so neat to see your post today…we just took our son on his first trip to the zoo this past weekend! I feel your pain in tantrumville, but love your attitude! Sending good thoughts your way!

  6. hannah says:

    so glad you got a chance to enjoy the nice weather! hope that goose didnt turn the tables on oscar!
    i echo everyone elses sentiments, you are truly an inspiration hillary! thank you so much for sharing your creations, your eye for beauty, your sense of humor and pictures of sweet oscar with us! you sprung me into the world of crafty/mom/bloginess, and i could never go back now. my questions are 1. when do you sleep?? 2. how did you develop such a wonderful eye for color and pattern combination?? 3. what is your favorite snack?

  7. mollie says:

    How cute! We have a picture of my brother doing that very same thing at the zoo! And my sister avoided geese (and all other animals), and chased zoo chipmunks. Go figure! I’m glad he had fun!

  8. emily says:

    wonderful blog.
    um, I guess, how long have you been sewing? is selling off your website a profitable venture or just a hobby? can you recommend good craft and sewing books? and my biggest problem crafting is that I seem to lack the discipline gene (I find myself repeating – mantra like – just one more blog!) so my last question is, how do you stay motivated and disciplined about finishing projects?!
    Thanks! can’t wait for the FAQ to come out!

  9. Adriana says:

    All the questions I was going to ask have been asked before me.
    Looking forward to your about page.
    Thanks for answering my email.

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