Really quick… Oscar’s gotta go, GOTTA GO! But I wanted to throw this up here – a carrysmall wristlet! This seems awfully handy to me. A good thing for keeping track of keys, wallet and binkie (of course I never use those) while wrestling with Oscar. I have another of those big square buttons so I think I’ll put this one up for auction and make another one for myself.




13 thoughts on “wristlet

  1. elizabeth says:

    ooooooooooo, how beautiful! where did you get the great square button?!?! this would be perfect type of thing for me to carry. now if only i could sew one 😉
    again, i luv it!

  2. kristen says:

    hilary, your stuff is ADORABLE. i’ve visited your site every day now for the past two weeks (since i linked to it from my friend hannah’s blog) and every day i’m taken aback by what you’ve created. a month ago i didn’t see the purpose in blogs, but i’ve now seen the light. thanks for inspiring the rest of us to create.

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