what have I got today

Well.. let’s see. A pukey toddler. 2 hours of sleep. A mountain of laundry. At least 2 inches of new snow. No fun mail. sigh. But hopefully I’ve got a sickbaby nap coming my way – a good 3 hours. That’ll give me some time to cheer up and clean up! Other things cheering me up…

I love Loobylu’s new Month of Softies theme. I discovered a box of my old dolls and their clothes in my parents’ attic last weekend. All these funny dresses that I made when I was a kid. I’ve been thinking about trying another ragdoll and this is the perfect excuse. Maybe I can outfit her in one of these wonky handmade by 10 yr old hillary outfits! And speaking of MOS, I’m anxiously awaiting all the Alice in Wonderland entries.

A squirrely pincushion I made last night.



And a fun card from Brandy yesterday to cheer me up…(and check out her awesome Alice!)


14 thoughts on “what have I got today

  1. hannah says:

    yet another great pin cushion, are those going to be up for auction too? sorry to hear you are caught up in baby sickness too. our house is a mess of sickness…

  2. amy k. says:

    ugh-ugh. we just got over all that and I know how hard it is. rest up and take advantage of crafting during the sick naps! I always feel a bit gulity at how much I get done when sadie is sick. . happy mail coming your way soon.

  3. Jenny says:

    I love your little pincushions. I am currently using a styrofoam peanut for this purpose, so I think I am going to have to follow suit and make one too!

  4. kerrie says:

    Its one of those days today! I have a pukey babby who had a 4 hour sicky nap this morning. Lucky for me that I got 4 hours sleep last night and the extra few during nap time was enough to prep me for carrying around a hot sick little body for the rest of the day. He’s sleeping again now so I should really be heading for bed instead of surfing! Hope Oscar feels better soon. Love the pincushion too..

  5. Jennifer says:

    I can see that you are sticking the pins outside the squirrel…I don’t think I could stick pins right into him. 🙂 It’s adorable.
    (P.S. Be on the lookout for fun mail from Tokyo!)

  6. Miz Booshay says:

    What do you put in the pincushion?
    I have so much cute fabric that I just don’t know what to do with…this looks like a great project!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity.
    I linked your site today ;o)

  7. Giao says:

    I am really digging these new pincushions you are rolling out, Hillary. Very, very nice!
    Hope Oscar feels better soon. Pukey + snow = no fun.

  8. hillary says:

    stats: 4″ x 3″ x 1″ with polyfill inside
    jennifer – you’re so right. I don’t know that I could poke mr. squirrel with pins. I’m so excited about the fun mail!!

  9. Blue says:

    Oh, I hope your babe is feeling better soon! My youngest got that flu first and then we all followed! NOT FUN!!
    As for the adorable pin cushion… do you put that stuff in them that sharpens the needle?

  10. Erin says:

    I also just pulled my old doll clothes out of my parent’s attic- They are too too funny. Very 80’s looking and not very well made by my 10 year old self. I’d totally fogotten about some little dolls I’d made until you mentioned your rag-dolls. I wonder if they’re still tucked away somewhere.
    Please post pictures! I’d love to see what your doll clothes look like!

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