Oscar and I made it to the thrift store again today. Second time this week! Oscar is at a point where he enjoys a long car ride to the store and doesn’t mind hanging out in the cart grabbing at clothes for an hour or so. I’ll have to thrift it up before he changes his mind!

Today I found a few cute shirts for Oscar, some more sweaters to felt up and these…




8 thoughts on “thrifted

  1. valentina says:

    I’m sooo envious of your thriftstore accessibility. Haven’t yet found anything thrifty in NYC. If it’s any good, it’s “vintage” and therefore not thrifty.

  2. Bettsi says:

    Oh my goodness…I see a throw pillow with that third combination-front and back. Ooooh, or a purse-floral for lining, granny square for outside. So very cute!

  3. kerrie says:

    Gorgeous fabrics, you really do have the eye for thrift stores. I havent explored the ones in our new area yet, perhaps when the snow has gone and Cameron is well enough for a trip out..

  4. my says:

    Can you PLEASE lay out each sweater and take pictures of them both BEOFE and AFTER felting??
    I would love to see how much the shrink…

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