The japanese-english dictionary online says that suwappu = swap so I thought it was the perfect title. Jen in Tokyo and I did another fabric swap. I sent her FunQuilts fabrics and she sent me some fabrics I picked out from Cotton Bow-wow. (eek – Jen, I just clicked over there and saw that the new Nani Iro stuff is out! So pretty!)

Here are the fabrics from Cotton Bowwow…quarter meters of these…

A half meter of this neat roadway fabric. I’m thinking Oscar’s room is going to soon need a "big boy" redesign and this would look so cool hanging on the wall.

And a half meter of Lisa and Gaspard fabric!! We’re so excited about this. We have all the Lisa and Gaspard books. We just love them!

Jen also threw in this book for me because she thought I’d like it. "Palm Sized Softies" Of course I LOVE it! I’ll have to make one of these up for Emily. Although bigger than palm sized because that’s more like "snack size" to a baby.

Then she was sneaky and sent off a second package with more goodies! Sashiko thread, wood buttons, a couple of the good zippers, cute little orange butterfly appliques and two awesome tenugui (right jen?) pieces. Good thing I’ve already got your second package started…. speaking of which I have to get back to those bunnies!

Thanks for the suwappu Jen!!

17 thoughts on “suwappu

  1. Amanda says:

    Ooo, yummy fabric! I just got that “palm-size stuffies” book too, off ebay! They’re really cute. I made the dachsund (on the back cover).

  2. Jennifer says:

    So glad that you liked everything, Hillary! I know, there is the familiar cry of “Why don’t they sell this HERE in the US?” I honestly don’t know…my mother is here now visiting, and her suitcase is full of fabric to take home. Those two fabrics at the end aren’t tenugui, but just “cut cloth” that I grabbed that is similar to a fat quarter. Of course they are more like a fat eighth, because this is the country where everything must be petite and pretty and cutting-edge.
    The new Nani Iros are too gorgeous…in the shops that sell Nani Iro, some of the patterns are sold as a really puffy, lightly pre-quilted fabric, too. (For more like $22 per meter instead of $10-11). Just fondling the Nani Iro fabric in the store and unrolling bolts of it to look at the designs makes me giddy.

  3. jenn says:

    I almost forgot, I have started my own blog. there is not too much on it yet but I plan to post some pictures of my crafts and some of my writing etc. if you would like to “stop by” the address is I have so enjoyed reading everyone else’s I figured it was time for me to share. thanks!

  4. aoi wowie says:

    Your posts about packages from Japan are making me so jealous! I have family and friends there, but I never get any mail. And forget about sending wishlists… You’re so lucky!

  5. Angela says:

    I am so excited to see there is Lisa and Gaspard fabric and so depressed because I will surely never get my hands on any. What a wonderful friend you’ve found – Lucky you!

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