spring break!

I was reading on rebecky how she’s taking a much-needed break and was inspired. It’s officially Spring Break 05 around here too. I need to clean house, get organized, re-energize, etc. I’ll be back next week sometime. Hope everyone has a happy Easter!

9 thoughts on “spring break!

  1. robin says:

    have a nice easter and i hope you relax! i just came home from a trip for work to find my new flower pin chushion and the adorable shrinky dink straight pins… thank you so much! it is even cuter in person.

  2. jungs says:

    Hi! I’ve been dropping by now and then; love what you do! And it’s all very inspiring. Hope you don’t mind that I blogrolled ya! Happy Easter!

  3. rebecky says:

    For the full resorative effect, take ten days. Hope you’re getting a ton of stuff done (but of course you are)!

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