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Mothers of toddlers don’t really get breaks do they. The only thing I’m accomplishing by taking a break from weblogging is finding more things to add to my already long list of things to write about! Oh and watching a lot of tv (I hate Rob and Amber!) And evidently the only thing keeping the creative/crafting part of my life going is this weblog. I was hoping a little pause would help me clear my head, maybe give me more time to get some things accomplished, maybe allow me a moment to see the bigger picture and find some new inspiration. Instead I’ve become slacky mcslacker pants. So enough breaking!

I did manage to finish up one project. The purple baby quilt. Here’s a picture of it all quilted and puckered up with the striped binding on. Word is the recipients are pleased so that’s good.


I also sent out my pincushions for the pincushion swap I signed up for on craftster. I sent off a lily pad and this fellow made from an embroidered vintage toddler’s outfit.


What I have not managed to do and guess I’m not going to get to, is a doll for the Month of Softies. I had a few vague ideas but nothing would come together. I’m disappointed in myself but I don’t want to make something I’m not happy with. Speaking of MOS… I just saw Camilla‘s softie and it’s amazing! All the cute things I’m seeing around are definitely recharging me.

23 thoughts on “oh yeah, right

  1. S. says:

    you? a slacker? i find that hard to believe. i look at all the amazing thing’s you’ve been doing…and i wonder what i’ve been doing with myself.
    camilla’s softie IS amazing. i’d like to join in the softies, or the fiberfriday challenges, but i need to find my own voice. i don’t want to just copy these amazing creations that i’m seeing.
    oh, and rob and amber suck. verily, they do.

  2. Jill says:

    Hurrah! You’re back. I don’t comment much, but I’m a faithful reader, and I missed your posts (and all the inspiration I get from them). 🙂

  3. Jo Ann says:

    Welcome back Hillary. Really missed you during your spring break. It’s okay not to accomplish anything on your break; you deserve the time off.

  4. roz says:

    Hi there! Did you do the bird picture at the beginning of your blog?
    If not, can you please tell me who did? I absolutely love it and also illustrate with felt and fabric. Thanks in advance!
    PS You are by no means a slacker. You accomplish a whole heck of a lot with your time. Blogging is RESEARCH..yeah…RESEARCH! =o)

  5. hannah says:

    we missed you so!!! i kept forgetting that you were on break, and i would go to your blog and go, dang, oh yeah…break… hmmm…
    sorry you didnt get as much accomplished as you had hoped! still managed to get some cuteness in though!! keep it coming!

  6. jenn says:

    I hate rob and amber too!! I can’t believe they didn’t stop to help the ones that crashed. argh!!
    I love your pincushion. I wanted to sign up for that swap but I missed it. I did sign up for the random swap. so much fun!!

  7. k says:

    Yeah you’re right, mothers don’t get a break, but good on your for trying. However you did still seem to get alot done – finished a quilt – well thats a great achievement.

  8. kristen says:

    i’m with hannah…i kept checking your blog and would then be reminded you were on break. glad you’re back at it. LOVE the pincushion. not a fan of rob and amber either…didn’t they get enough 15-minutes of fame on Survivor?

  9. Bettsi says:

    I missed you! The internet isn’t the same without your cheerful voice and even more cheerful creations. As you have said, “The world needs more cute!”

  10. sarah says:

    i think my man and i may be the only people who like rob and amber. being survivor fans doesn’t hurt. also you do realize that had it been rob and amber who crashed, noone would have stopped. expecially the gay guys they would have kept on going. but since the guys did stop, they are milking the fact that rob and amber didn’t for all its worth. sorry for ranting.
    oh and that quilt is just stunning.. 🙂

  11. Sandy says:

    Welcome back Hilary! I know it’s a little crazy, but I really missed your blog while you were gone. I look forward to being inspired by your creativity every day. I am even making it my goal for the month of April to actually get a blog of my own up and going because I love your’s so much!

  12. john porter says:

    We are survivor fans and we didn’t like boston rob then.. NOW we HATE him.. This boorish slob has no class whatsoever..The word slimeball was made for him.. and vacuous Amber is an enabler and apparently likes to be bossed around…
    I hope these undeserving people do not win this race.. ANYONE but these people would be fine..

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