Lisa Solomon

I recently rediscovered this super cool artist Lisa Solomon. I first heard of her months ago via Dioramarama. I’m a sucker for artists whose work is inspired by traditional craft. Her artist’s statement is very interesting. And her embroidered pieces are amazing…

and of course I love her robots!

Now she has stuff at Cafe Press. I have to get one of these robot mugs!

4 thoughts on “Lisa Solomon

  1. sunni says:

    Ooooo what a great link! I love her embroidery stuff!
    Anxiously waiting to see what’s next in the Wee Auction! One day I am going to have to get something!

  2. Jane says:

    Wow, her artist’s statement really has some great concepts to chew on. I love the idea of her work being a “labor within the framwork of domesticity, performing repetitive, perceivably mundane tasks…” Also considering “right-side vs. wrong side.” Her wrong-side embroidery and her choice of blood-red thread – so perfectly macabre to me. Great find, Hil!

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