I’m working on a building

Log cabin man! It’s my new favorite pattern. Here’s a log cabin quilted pillow I made this weekend. I wanted to make something fun out of the beautiful center square that Camilla sent me. Now these little fellas are 3D and huggable and hanging out on the sofa with the rest of the softies. I’m hooked. I fear soon this house will be swimming in pillows!

22 thoughts on “I’m working on a building

  1. Jasmin says:

    I just made these removable cushion covers (no zippers…just an envelope opening) out of gorgeous, gorgeous, Amy Butler fabric… I want to populate my entire home with pillows now. Poor husband!

  2. Marg says:

    Great pillow! I heartily agree with the others about your choice of fabrics. I too have an SO who is not very keen on pillows. I’ve decided to make some quilt squares and sew them to all the canvas bags I’ve collected over the years as freebees which have, um, shall we say “not so spiffy” designs printed on them.

  3. Alison says:

    Can you share your secret for warping the space time continuum to sew and look after a wee child and produce such beautiful stuff day in and day out!
    You are such an inspiration, and you have such wonderful choices of colours, textures and fabrics.

  4. bellablue says:

    Oh, I have been on a pillow kick lately. Don’t have them all up on the old blog yet but getting there… I like how you pieced various fabrics together. I’d like to do something similar with some of my left over Munki Munki fabric. Thanks for even MORE inspiration…..

  5. amy k. says:

    how cool is that! I love the way you quilted the front and the back differently. And the illustration is so wonderful-what a great way to enjoy it.

  6. Sally says:

    Your project list photo album is wonderful! I love your bags and softies. Sigh. I wish I could make things like that. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Kerry says:

    Your sewing projects have really been inspiring me! They are so beautiful and unique. Have you any plans to develop any more tutorials? I’d love one for your flower pin cushions.

  8. aj says:

    darlin’, you are such an inspiration. can’t begin to tell you how much i love your crafty creations. the pillow is a gem.
    i wanted to ask you: is the title of this entry a reference to that great old folk song, “i’m workin’ on a building for my lord, for my lord”? if so, you doubly rock my world.

  9. hillary says:

    aj – that’s the song 🙂 it’s on my kelly hogan album that, if it were a real album, would be worn right out. duh. scratch that. it’s the meat purveyors. got my alt country all screwy.

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