Ok I’m back on track already finally! Yesterday during Oscar’s nap I was able to finish up one of the three kitties I’ve had cut out and partially made up since before the bunnies. I’d like to try to pass this off as my self portrait for month of softies. But I wasn’t a kitty and my mom NEVER dressed me in pink. I named this gal Flora because of the bright pink and so of course the other two kitties will have to be Fauna and Merryweather. The hot pink is a soft fuzzy angora sweater all felted up and the dress is made from some awesome vintage fabric that Melissa sent me a while back.

21 thoughts on “Flora

  1. robin says:

    i know how you feel. i was tempted to pass off a knit bunny i made for my self-portrait, seeing as how i am the friendbunny now… yeah right. it was a gift for my daughter and everyone knows it! guess i’ll join a month of softies NEXT month.
    i love your kitty. she is ghargus!

  2. sunni says:

    Flora is kittylicious!!! Ever since I first saw them on Gertie I just can’t get enough of your softie’s shoes. I wish I had their shoe collection for myself! 🙂

  3. Mariko says:

    Boy, when you get back on track, you go all out, don’t you? Overachiever! Flora is really, really gorgeous, but I’m glad she isn’t a self portrait; otherwise, I would have to recommend you see a dermatologist for that hot pink rash.

  4. Chanelbaby says:

    I love your site!
    You are supremely talented.
    If I pay you, will you make me a fuzzy pink angora sweater? Stocking cap?
    HA HA. Please ignore my cheeky requests. I really do enjoy reading and seeing your fabulous crafts!

  5. melissa says:

    What a fantastic use for that fabric! She’s lovely!
    I’ve been terribly scatterbrained and my envelope for you has been sitting on my sewing table, all addressed and everything, and I keep forgetting to bring it with me when I leave the house! Gads. Tomorrow!

  6. Liz says:

    Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather?! Oh how I love those little fairies from Sleeping Beauty! Great job on your kitty. I love this blog!

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