felt for felt

Camilla and I had ourselves a little felt swap. I sent her one of my felt flower pincushions and she sent me one of her cool felt flower pins (click on shop). She also sent me 2 postcards of her amazing artwork and this very cool fabric square with an iron-on transfer she made. Look at those guys! Aren’t they awesome! I’m envisioning a log-cabin quilted pillow with these guys as the center square. I’ve been wanting to try out that pattern and a pillow seems so perfect for these guys. That way they can sit on the sofa with me and watch Super Nanny!


6 thoughts on “felt for felt

  1. mochi says:

    More great swap items!! Mail day at your house must be like Christmas.
    I love Super Nanny, especially when she says “That is not ass-septable!”

  2. Snowbear says:

    Lucky girl with that swap–looks like you both got your stuff at the same time (I was just over there)! I just caught my first episode of Supernanny tonite–thanks for alerting me. I have only seen the other one–Nanny 911–good bits on tonite as my son is just about 2 and a half (not like that boy at all of course) but we do need some help getting to bed in a reasonable amount of time!

  3. Kay says:

    Thumbtacks would also be cool. The tack could be the center of a flower.
    Love any new practical use for shrinky dinks, and thanks for the fabulous fabric show! xoxo Kay

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