Felt Carrysmall

Here’s a little carrysmall I made out of wool felt with vintage trim and button for a trade I have set up.



I still have so many odds and ends I’ve been wanting to post about. Maybe today during nap time. Not like we’re leaving the house because it’s what-the-f’ing (snowing) AGAIN. sigh. But I’m feeling good about my organization. I’ve discovered tadalist!

Thanks to all the bunny bidders! I may have one more up my sleeve. Well, sitting on my craft table in pieces. We’ll see how it goes. And I’ve put up 2 lily pad pincushions in the WeeAuction for this week.

12 thoughts on “Felt Carrysmall

  1. kelly says:

    Beautiful little carrysmall! I love the colors you’ve chosen. Yes, please put up another bunny – I completely forgot to bid on my favorite, Daisy… My loss!

  2. Laural says:

    I know what you mean about the snow, its really starting to get ridiculous. And its not even like I’m getting more crafting done because I’m inside all the time, I think I just stare out the window all day and dream of green leaves and grass…. I love the carrysmall, great spring colors!

  3. jenn says:

    I have to say ha ha about the snow..usually we are also being buried here in new hampshire but today it is 53 degrees out. lucky us!!
    love the carrysmall!!

  4. hannah says:

    hillary your eye is just amazing, the colors and textures. you just know how to put them all togehter so great! sorry to hear about the snow… i hope you all warm up soon!

  5. cella says:

    I love the carrysmall. I am a student teacher running a high school class on fashion design. I wonder if you might be willing to share some tips on your process with me so we could make evening bags for the prom? Anything you could tell me would be a great help. Thank you.

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