easter bunny?

I know, I know. New Spring site and already I’m jumping ahead to Easter. But Easter is coming early this year. Or so I overheard at the grocery store. I’m thinking of making some Easter bunnies to put up on the weeauction. I think this guy is the winner. He’s from the same awesome 1970s "Forest Family" pattern that made Mr. Squirrel. I’m pretty sold on his very tall pointy ears. Not so sold on his button eyes… we’ll have to see about those.




Now to get some things up on the auction for this week…

Also the last few days have brought me some awesome mail – thanks everybody! I’ll post pictures soon.

26 thoughts on “easter bunny?

  1. Laural says:

    Very cute bunny, and I love the new design. I need all the help I can get dreaming about spring when it so cold and snowy here still. In like a lion, out like a lamb, hopefully!

  2. amy k. says:

    so great!! is this a pattern from a book? sorry if the info is somewhere here and I’m missing it-please ear mark (pun very intended!) one for the auction for me-cause man, I want one!!

  3. sunni says:

    I am loving your new spring look and the adorable bunny! I’m in California and even here I am desperate for spring with all the rain and clouds we’ve had lately. Hope you keep posting things in the wee auction!

  4. amanda says:

    LOVE the new spring look–sure could use that here, as we’re buried in snow still in Maine. Ugh.
    The bunny is adorable–and I really like the button eyes!

  5. comfits says:

    hey, i think i have that same pattern! i’ve got a bunch of others w/ it, but have yet to try any of them out! your bunny is so very adorable & inspinspirational…i might have to give it a go!

  6. Marg says:

    I like his little button eyes. That really contributes to the over all retroness. He just looks so warm and fuzzy. A nice thing indeed when the temp is in the 20º’s!

  7. Bellablue says:

    Yay! I can finally see the new design!
    I was wondering, is the green part of the bunny from a felted sweater?! Its gorgeous! I really need to hit Goodwill before they chamge over their winter stock to spring!

  8. jenn says:

    no problem. I saw it on ebay so I figured I would let you guys know. I am an ebay addict. so if you can find it on there I probably know where it is….

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