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I feel so behind on my posting lately. I’ve got all sorts of things I’ve been wanting to write about and I keep getting sidetracked. I’ll start with the mail. I wasn’t getting any mail for weeks and weeks. So depressing. Then last week almost everything from the outstanding trades I had with people came in a windfall. Almost all on the same day! Now again, mail drought. I have suspicions about my mail carrier.

From hopefully the first of many trades with Angry Chicken Amy…bits of kimono and obi fabric, some of her hand dyed fabric (!), a frog closure and a cute little notebook with graph paper – perfect for quilt designing. Thanks Amy! And thanks for the Oscar music – it’s great!



From the vintage clothing trades…

From Carolee a very cool "wee" journal she made for me and some great ribbons. Thank you Carolee, I love it! And you’ll be happy to know it has been mussed. I jumped in and started making crafty to-do lists.


From Chrissy… awesome bright beautiful fq’s that I’m dying to use, a very cool embroidered bookmark that is now up on my inspiration board, ric-rac, ribbon, kogepan and a cream puff eraser! So good! Thank you Chrissy 🙂 And I’m so happy to hear you took that clutch to Sin City. It wasn’t seeing much action around here.



From Andrea…a cute little cafe pupu
notebook, polka dot fabric and buttons and some cool vintage postcards. Thanks Andrea!


Also in the mail, a surprise from Carolyn. Thanks Carolyn – what a great book! And I love my mix CD 🙂


And some neat Fairytale Calendars from Amanda Woodward Design. Her photos are better than mine would be. Thanks!


What else is new and exciting. Well, let’s see. It’s snowing! And I have a horrible cold. Neither new or exciting. It’s around this time every year that I start thinking about moving back to Texas. Hopefully more catching up tomorrow…

8 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. hannah says:

    so sorry for snow and sickness. neither is very much fun. glad you got some good mail! i wouldnt say making eight bunnies is falling behind though!

  2. Heatherica says:

    What great, fun mail! I just bought some of that pink fabric in the 5th photo down, only in red. I almost got the pink, but then decided my son (he’s 3) would love it so I got it in red so I could make him a little something with it!

  3. susan says:

    I am in Austin and it is already getting really warm here. Which I would enjoy, except that the Spring always fills me with a feeling of dread thinking about the searing, interminable summer that is approaching. I have to admit, I keep thinking how nice it would be to live up North where it’s still cold. But knowing that you miss the weather down here is a good reminder to appreciate the nice weather while it lasts.

  4. Carolee says:

    Mine looks so monochromatic up there with the others’ riot of color! Heh. Very glad to hear that you can use it. Let me know when you need another…:)
    As for the mail wax and wane, I am convinced that my mail carriers do the same. I get everything all in one day, and then for days it’s only ad circulars and third class mail for previous occupants. I personally think that some carriers are just sort of lazy and don’t want to carry the heavy stuff.
    It was so fun swapping with you, Hillary. I’m now keeping my eyes peeled for fabrics you might like…..

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