Vintage to Trade – Part 2

I’m addicted to receiving mail! Anybody else want to trade? Here are a few more things I’ve found in my vintage clothing stash. Let’s do it the same as before except this time swappee pays shipping up front (because I’m brokee) and then deducts that from what they’re sending back (unless it is something really light and cheap then I’ll just send it). Actually, now that I’m looking at it again, everything is light so I’ll just pay outbound shipping. Also this time around, if you’re interested EMAIL ME at And then I’ll leave in the comments when things are taken. Less confusion this way. Heck, do whatever you want 🙂 Ok here’s what I’ve got…

TRADED! Vintage baby shirt blue with cute little horn-blowing bunnies! 0-3 months. Excellent condition.



TRADED! Here’s a clutch purse I made quite a while ago. I made it for sale on my vintage site actually, but then couldn’t part with it. Of course I’m never using a clutch these days so it should go to somebody who’d actually take it out on the town. The bright pink floral fabric is from a vintage dress. It’s a soft poly knit kinda thing and the lining is a heavy khaki canvas. There is a velcro closure and the clutch is lined with plastic canvas for stability



TRADED! I love this dress! The cool marbelized poly crepe fabric, the sexy secretary style and with a matching belt. 38" bust, 30" w, 42" hips, 25" waist to hem, 16" shoulder to waist. Around a size 10-12. Excellent condition and I just realized that it is handmade! It’s beautiful. I wish I could make dresses this well.



TRADED! Here’s a snazzy 80’s career gal blouse with cool appliqued leaves. The blouse is missing all but one button. Those could be replaced and other than that it’s a peach! 15" shoulder to shoulder, 38" bust, 38" around bottom, about a size 10-12.



An awesome 70s poly blouse honoring the artist Renoir. Only flaw is a tiny stain here on the front. Might come out, not all that noticeable. 38" bust, 15" shoulder to shoulder, 32" waist, 36" hips – about a size 12.



TRADED! And lastly, an orignal Van-Go t shirt. hee. I made these hoping to sell them on my site, but I used crappy transfer paper and as a result they’re kinda shabby. Not sure how long the image will last. But if you rarely wash your clothes – this is the shirt for you! The van is from the old game Little Van Goes – sort of like Fashion Plates if you remember those. You select a front, rear and middle of the van and then rub it with a black crayon to get the super groovy van of your dreams! This thrifted shirt says it’s a size L, the chest is 34" so I’d say more like a 6-8.



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  1. comfits says:

    i’d love the cool van-go shirt! it’s rad! you can check my livejournal to learn more about me cuz i know i’ve never talked at ya before. my lj username is comfits.

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