Thank you Leslie!


Last week I received this beautiful package from Leslie.  A hatbox full of goodies! Yummy fabrics, cool magnets and a crocheted cupcake pincushion! I was so excited about the cupcake because that means I can abandon my own efforts to make one which have been going nowhere fast. Oscar is really getting into this trading thing. He seems to love mail as much as I do and was tearing at the package while I was opening it. He made off with the hatbox as soon as it was free from its package. Only after I was able to wrestle him to the ground did I realize that Leslie had handpainted it and that it had my name on it! So thoughtful! Of course the creator of Gifty would send such beautiful packages. Thank you Lesile 🙂



4 thoughts on “Thank you Leslie!

  1. Mariko says:

    Wow, you sure do meet the most interesting and generous people! You’d better be cranking out stuff to balance out all the incoming items. Love your felted little flowers.

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