Right under my nose


Look what I figured out! The table that I have my sewing machine is a table from my grandmother (all my sewing stuff was inherited from my amazing grandma) and I knew it folded out in some way but never paid any attention to it. Well, check out what it can do! Now I have a much bigger surface for quilting. I’m so excited. I just may need to start basting that Plain Spoken together this weekend and get going on it.

Thanks for all the super nice comments on my kimono quilt!! I was out most of the day yesterday and came home to such nice words I was blushing. That quilt was such a success because of the beautiful Nani Iro fabric that Jen sent me from Japan and the fact that I got to consult with the FunQuilters! Speaking of which, last night was Third Thursday at FQ, where if you’ve ever taken a class you can come in on that night for help & advice. I’m trying to decide what my next project is going to be. Oh I could sit here and write about quilting all morning but we have another busy day and I have to run. Here’s something pretty to look at.. Lori Mason quilts (via a commenter on Loobylu). I love them!! This is my favorite, eclipse…

6 thoughts on “Right under my nose

  1. Jane says:

    Those Mason quilts are A.Maz.Ing. Wow. And snaps to the Wee Auction (beta, heh) – you two are geniouses!
    Oh, and nice table, grandma! Those crafters back in the day had such functional accessories.

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