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Here’s my new favorite book – patchwork and purses! Another excellent Japanese craft book to play with. The instructions on this one seem very complicated. Or very simple depending on how you look at it. They basically (I think) say, sew quilt, make bag. Got it! Many thanks to sweet Valentina for offering pick me up something from Kinokuniya (Japanese bookstore in NY). Poor girl didn’t know what she was getting herself into!

I want to make almost every single thing in this book. Here are a few of my favorites…

and it even includes helpful lifestyle tips like how apples should be eaten with spoons!

22 thoughts on “patchwork book

  1. rosa says:

    I lost count of the time I spent at Kinokuniya when I was in NY.
    This book is lovely 🙂 I think I also saw it on Kitty’s Oriental Craft Shop (eBay) a few days ago…

  2. mochi says:

    I’ve been coveting that book ever since I saw it on Kitty’s Oriental Craft Shop. Can’t wait to see what projects you’ll choose!

  3. Lizette says:

    That’s a great book. It reminds me of the Zakka Handmade books. I’ve been meaning to find out how I can get one of those Zakka books. Do you have any ideas? L

  4. lucy says:

    Stop with all the cute quilt inspiration! I should spend the upcoming weekend cleaning and doing laundry, and now all I can think about is finishing the quilt I started last fall and going through my fabric stash and planning another one.

  5. Jen in Tokyo says:

    I saw that book in a store here recently. Very cute. The book is unique because not many (patchwork books) are for machine sewing. On the other hand, the instructions for templates, hand piecing intricate patterns, etc. are fantastic in most books. Rest assured, you’ve got a Japanese-crafty-book pipeline over here in Tokyo for anything that catches your fancy! (By the way, the prices for these kinds of books on Ebay are outrageous–books are quite reasonably priced here; the Zakka books, for example, are only $10-$12 apiece for gorgeous color photos. Of course shipping costs add to that, though)

  6. Jess says:

    I absolutely adore the little purse! I might be getting this book, too. Thanks for all the great ideas and things you post! It’s so inspiring!

  7. Laural says:

    Wow, these are great quilting ideas! You have been giving me such quilting inspiration lately, I am trying my best to direct it towards finishing projects that have been sitting around, but these pictures have given me all kinds of ideas for new projects!

  8. hillary says:

    Laural – I know! It is so hard to keep unfinished’s in the game when new exciting things are popping up all the time!
    Everyone – about those Zakka books, maybe they can be ordered online through Kinokuniya’s bookweb? Seems like there’s a cart and all. But no info on shipping costs that I see offhand and the page where they want you to enter your credit card information isn’t secure (no https). So? I don’t know. There is an email address on the cart page. They might be able to help.

  9. Lisa says:

    I immediately went and bought that patchwork book after I saw some of the projects in it. I know it will become my new favorite too! Those other Japanese cute links are so awesome, it’s painful. Thanks for the inspiration…

  10. michelle ho says:

    may i know where can i buy this book?I’m going to japan on next month.May i know where can i get this book or patchwork books in tokyo?What’s the name of the shop?

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