New Auction

Up for auction this week is Sunshine! I’ll be so sad to see her go but hopefully she’ll find a new loving home. There are a few new pictures of her up on the auction site, her shoes and her coat (which I finally finished lining!) and a close up of her face.

I think the auction is working really well! I haven’t had any feedback though. If you bid (or didn’t) and have anything to add please send me an email. Also I heard from a few people who were interested in having an auction like this on their site. I told Tim I’d throw it out there and see how many people were interested and he could proceed from there. So let me know… hillarylang at

5 thoughts on “New Auction

  1. Leslie says:

    Hillary, Sushine is so purdy!
    I’m a big eBay fan — I used to sell tons there constantly. But the idea of having my own auction site……oooh, I like it!

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