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So yesterday, no mail. I think my maillady likes to save it all up and deliver it once a week. We’ll see. Good thing I had so many goodies leftover from the past 2 mail days.

From Japan, some treats I ordered myself off ebay. The pancakes are telling me to "have a rest."



Out of the blue from Mariko an awesome Japanese patchwork book she thought I’d like since I’m so into quilting right now. Thanks for the surprise Mariko! I love it!


Swap from Cynthia, a bookmark (that she painted and made herself!), earrings that she also made, and these cute Mutts cards. Thanks for the swap Cynthia!



And more from the blue, goodies from Heidi! Fabric scraps (just the right size for zippered pouches!), sparkly bits, an apple on a stick, ribbons, embroidery transfers and painted clips (which I’m using to keep my already too long bangs out of my eyes). Thanks Heidi!




And lastly, here is some beautiful Munki Munki fabric, Pool Party, that we splurged on from ReproDepot. Here’s the closeup. And here it is on our new lovely blue sofa.


Yay mail!

7 thoughts on “more mail

  1. Bettsi says:

    OMG! That pool fabric is too cute! Look for your swap goodies from me probably tomorrow. I got to our post office around noon yesterday and sent it Priority Mail. I hope you like it!

  2. Mariko says:

    It’s a big letdown now when the mail lady doesn’t bring anything, I’ll bet! Coincidentally, I just splurged on some Munki Munki fabric the other day (ice cream truck).

  3. Jessie says:

    Ooooh, I bought some of that awhile back and I’m making my daughters’ curtains with that fabric!!! I’m making them a quilt (someday) with the pool party and farmer’s market fabric. I LOVE Munki Munki!!!!!!

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