evidence of a busy weekend

I’m so scattered today. Stuck somewhere between ok and a miserable funk with too much to do and no focus whatsoever. Here are some pictures I took this morning. Maybe accomplishing one thing on my list – writing a post – will snap me out of it.

Here are some attempts at painting fabric. It’s in the washer now, we’ll see how it holds up. And I threw in those pretty lustreware cups I mentioned the other day to distract from my lame design.


Some fabric I thought might work with the paperdoll fabric for my next baby quilt.


Wool felt for my stash.


More goody bags and other finds from the American Science and Surplus.


From our trip to the children’s resale shop… these adorable pink baby Minnetonka moccasins!


Also we found this cute scooter thing for Oscar that he loves. And here is his latest discovery – that he can stand on it! And he can use it to gain access to all sorts of new areas. There was some emergency makeshift babyproofing this morning.


8 thoughts on “evidence of a busy weekend

  1. Kathreen says:

    I have seen those days. Good on you though for getting on with the day anyway, it is hard sometimes, I wish I could stay in bed on those days but with kids… Love your blog, you are quite an inspiration. k

  2. melissa says:

    I’ve been in the same mood! At least you’re doing something – the fabric design is lovely.
    And yeah…babyproofing. We finally broke down and put FURNITURE in the family room, and Owen has managed to impale himself at least once on every table corner, and attempts free-falls off the couch on a regular basis. You’re in for so much fun! 🙂

  3. hillary says:

    Amy – thanks for the awesome robot link!
    Melissa & Leslie – good grief! First he realized he could climb from the scooter to the sofa. 10 minutes later he figured out how to climb up on to the sofa from the ground. I’m going to need some padding around here!

  4. Bettsi says:

    Oh boy! Look at that face! He is on his way! It was only in hindsight that I fully appreciated the days of baby restraining!
    Good for you for getting past the blahs. I’ve been meaning to post in my blog for days…but have nothing to say.

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