Anano Cafe

More Japanese cuteness that I’m dying for – Anano Cafe…

All sorts of cute dolls and cups and books! My favorite are the cups with girls with teddies on them (scroll down about halfway).

FYI…while looking for Anano Cafe books on ebay I found another seller of Japanese craft books, charmingbabe. The one book I found on both this and kitty’s was more expensive on charmingbabe but cheaper shipping.

17 thoughts on “Anano Cafe

  1. eireann says:

    you might know already, but you can get these books through for less than through ebay, including shipping. i think the total was something like 23.50 USD, ¥2500. (¥1000 for the book and 1500 for shipping, alas.)
    if you don’t read japanese, but want to get these books through amazon, i’d be happy to help you out. 🙂

  2. mochi says:

    Oh you’re killing me with all the cuteness! Eireann is right, it is cheaper to buy from Amazon Japan. Its actually a one time shipping fee of ¥1200 per order and ¥300 per book handling charge. Also, I think that book isn’t a craft book, but a book of postcards.

  3. Katy. says:

    I hadn’t thought of shopping at the site.. what an excellent idea! I just checked it out, and in the header there’s a tab that lets you shop the Japanese store in English. Yay! 🙂

  4. Dallas says:

    You inspired me to get a japanese quilt crafting book online. It has great ideas, I just hope I can figure it all out without a translator. Thanks for posting about these books.

  5. Julie L. says:

    What a wonderful, inspiring site! I, too am a “non-practicing” librarian and a stay-at-home crafty Mom. I don’t think a librarian is truly ever non-practicing–I still seem to be the librarian of choice for my family and friends! Thanks for adding to the beauty of the world.

  6. Margaret says:

    I have loved Rie Anano’s Bears for a very long time. I contacted her several years ago to try to purchase abear from her, but my Japanese was very poor back then. A few have shown up on Japan yahoo and have sold for about $300-$800. These are only for the ones hand made by her. There was also a line of cups, placemats, pens, and machine made animals. She also had some original paintings.

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