this is not the kitty you’re looking for

No, this is NOT my vintage catwalk kitty for month of softies. This is a little project from the book Myra sent me that I just finally finished. I started out to make a black kitty with what I thought was felt, but later realized was just wool fabric and it was a disaster. Of course I kept trying and trying to make it work. Why is it fraying, I’ll cut out another and try again. DUH! Well now that she’s all figured out I can get back to work on my other kitties.


7 thoughts on “this is not the kitty you’re looking for

  1. hannah says:

    she is still sweet. i love her little puffball mouth and pink tongue! cant wait to see the vintage catwalk kitty…
    ps. i got my snap shirt yesterday!! thank you so much hillary. paper coming your way soon!

  2. mochi says:

    Your kitty is too cute! I still haven’t even attempted to make anything from the book. Sigh.
    Waiting not so patiently to see your vintage catwalk kitty…

  3. hillary says:

    yeah, I can see why you haven’t attempted anything yet, those tiny little stuffeds are hard! I felt like my Dad trying to use a mouse (not a pretty sight) when I was trying to stuff those tiny tiny little arms.
    I’m still waiting for you to get your butt over here and help me with these catwalk kitties! oh yeah, you’re non-contiguous. guess I’d better get off the computer and into the craft room then.

  4. sherwood says:

    God¡ it´s wonderfull i really love it, it is any way that i can get the patterns to make the kitty? i show it to my little daugther and she told me if i can make one for her, well i told her that i´ll try. i´ll be very thankfully if you can let me make the kitty, perhaps you will sell me the pattern? for any answer my email it´; thanks¡

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