that’s one big pom!

I think I’m safe. I held out last night and was puke free! (even managed to survive watching model boy eat his own vomit on Amazing Race last night) So hopefully we’ve seen the last of this bug. I was planning on instituting a "no going out of the house until April" rule for Oscar. But then I finished his new winter hat and it snowed!( and snowed and snowed and is still snowing) So we had to try it out.


Here are the hat details. I realized I’m awful at giving all the knitting specs. I used the lil’ devil pattern but ribbed it instead of garter stitch and then I made it longer because last time I tried this hat I ended up with a beanie. And I used size 8s instead of 7s and a pom instead of horns. Not sure what kind of yarn this is, something from the craft store that I’ve had forever. And I think I screwed up the earflaps. They seem out of proportion and tiny. But they do the trick – he can’t get it off!


And look what my maillady brought me today! Goodies from Hannah. I love them! And they were wrapped in the most beautiful paper. Of course, I couldn’t be patient and take a photo of the wrapped present. Had to dig in! And look what was inside – so pretty and Springy. The striped ribbon goes so well with the fabrics I’ve picked out for my next bunny. Exciting! Thanks Hannah 🙂


4 thoughts on “that’s one big pom!

  1. Giao says:

    Super hat! Oscar is such a little model boy in his own right. Without the eating his own puke part (yecch!). And! Nice reminders of spring to come. Yay!

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