Thank you Dawn!

Today was the first day in weeks I haven’t cursed my maillady’s name as she sneaks away after dissing me. Today she brought me all these lovely swap treats from Dawn. The package included…

This cute handmade card featuring her fabulous accesorized elephant.


These great fabrics.


Cool wooden knight and horse for Oscar which he was so excited to open! I love the expression on the knight’s face. Those menacing eyebrows say watch out, I’m going to kick your ass but then he’s smiling so it’s ok. Check out the neat box of knights Dawn made for her son.



Some awesome vintage buttons, cute embroidery patterns & crocheted trim


And my favorite, these gorgeous huge pink vintage buttons


So exciting! I love a good swap. Thanks Dawn 🙂

8 thoughts on “Thank you Dawn!

  1. becka says:

    what a treat! i think your crocheted trim might be tatted? can’t quite tell from the pic. i love coming to your site to drool over all of the great stuff.

  2. dawn says:

    wow! what great stuff! You make it all look so lovely I think I want it all back…
    I’m just kidding – totally worth the groovy purse that Hillary sent me, along with all the surprises tucked inside. Becka, the trim is tatted, by my 94-year old Grandmother. She just loves to tat and has sent me lots of lovely trim to use on projects.
    Thank YOU Hillary!

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