sneaker peeker


This kitty factory is closed for the night. There is too much crafting and not enough sleeping going on around here. I keep running out of fabric and miscalculating and sewing things on backwards. These 2 cats are wearing me out! I can’t believe Claire is making 11!

Tomorrow I have to finish them up because I have to lower my feed dogs and get cracking on my quilting homework!

4 thoughts on “sneaker peeker

  1. dawn says:

    oh you tease! She is gorgeous, my favorite color of course. I sent photos off to Claire yesterday, am anxious to see everyone’s contributions!
    And the lovely gray felt that you sent has been made up into a cute little camel for Parker – he loves it. May have to make another one for Rosie. Thank you!

  2. sunni says:

    the suspense is killing me! i already love her just from the sneak peek, but i can’t wait to see what she’s wearing!
    just finished mine a couple of hours ago, getting ready to have some dinner and wine and be glad i made the deadline!

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