small quilts

Sometimes I come across things that make me shout aha! at my computer. Things people have made that are the exact embodiment of vague creative feelings I have stirring around in my head. As my grandma would say, "they sing to me".  I’ve found another one. Amy Karol, an artist in Portland, OR makes the most beautiful appliqued little art quilts. Her site is Poor Amy, she just emailed me to say hi and I jumped all over her fawning and gushing. But can you blame me?

pensive bird

two moons on dog planet

and oh, how I wish angry baby chicken lived at my house!

They’re all so good! And, to top it off, she made her daughter quite possibly the cutest little Halloween costume I’ve ever seen. – an adorable little woodland elf. Oscar is wearing tulle next Halloween whether he likes it or not! And we all know how cruel I can be when it comes to costuming the boy.

15 thoughts on “small quilts

  1. Bertha says:

    This is exactly how I feel when I come to your site! I went through a wave of emotions, beginning with bitter jealousy, for you being so much better at everything than me, then sort of a sad resignment, like how you felt when you found those awesome cat dolls a while back, finally ending with a pure, undying love for everything wee wonderfully. I often have to physically restrain myself to keep from gushing over your stuff so I don’t come off like some crazed internet craftstalker….oops. Too late! 😀

  2. sunni says:

    i love the little quilts! thanks for another great link.
    and bring on more vintage stuff – i don’t know that i have anything worthy of swapping but i love looking at the pieces!

  3. dawn says:

    I so agree with Bertha, YOU are inspiring Hillary. Your work is gorgeous. Sigh, I’m thinking of those felt robots as we speak.
    Those little art quilts are quite great though.
    By the way, your parcel left yesterday – hope you like it!

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