Sewing Kit

Just a quick post. This is what I wish I was working on. A super cute little wrap-up apple sewing kit like this one I spied in one of my favorite Christmas gifts, a cool Japanese quilting magazine. Unfortunately, the only projects going on here are getting over the latest plague on the Lang household.. the stomach flu. My boys are on the mend, napping it off now, and I’m just sitting here fingers crossed, hoping this one passed me by.



7 thoughts on “Sewing Kit

  1. tania says:

    puzzles eh?
    well, thats peachy. i dont feel like such a dork now. i love them, and i wish i had a table where one could be on the go at all times!
    keep avoiding that flu!

  2. Melanie says:

    Boy! One of your links just sent me to another world! I love the work I do, but sometimes when I see wonderfully cute and seemingly simple stuff I get to question my own approach! I love you site! Thank you so much!

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