love me internet!

I spent an afternoon and $65 at the post office yesterday sending love out there into the world. Really it’s all just a desperate plea for mail. My maillady has been dissing me hard lately. It was a packaging frenzy here over the weekend. I was only able to get to it in distracted fits and spurts, so if you get your package and the stickers don’t match the card inside, or your note is addressed to someone else please forgive me! Hopefully I got everything straight. Oh, and pay no attention to the ‘what’s this worth’ part of the customs forms. I can’t even remember what’s in the packages by the time I get to the post office and I just throw out numbers willy nilly. The willy nilly queen of hair brained ideas. That’s me! And now I’ve got my formerly clean, organized craft room all gummed up with vintage again. I found some more cool things. Maybe next week some more swappers?

6 thoughts on “love me internet!

  1. dawn says:

    ooooh, more swaps! I have a little pile of goodies sitting beside my computer, fabrics, buttons and trims. But I won’t divulge anymore details…

  2. hillary says:

    oops, sorry valentina, I’m being very vague these days. I was just hinting to dawn that today would be a good day for her to mail me those enticing treats!
    I’m not sure what day I’ll be posting new stuff.. have to see how it goes.
    thanks 🙂

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