My head has been swimming since Saturday afternoon when I had my first Basic Quiltmaking class taught by Weeks Ringle at Funquilts. I’ve been wanting to write about it from the minute I got home but I’ve been obsessing over colors and shopping for fabric nonstop ever since. I’m having such a hard time picking colors. Normally this is the easiest (and most fun) part for me. But I’m really struggling with what fabrics to use for my class projects.  Weeks stressed the importance of choosing high quality cottons, and being careful in every step of the construction so that you’ll create a quilt of heirloom quality that you’ll love forever. Unlike the quilts I hastily make where I cringe every time I look at the wobbly quilting. So because I want to make a really really nice quilt and also I’m trying to coordinate the projects with our redecoration efforts I’m having color stress. Also I’m trying to challenge myself not to go with a familiar palette for me. Whatever the reason, the result was many many hours in 3 different fabric shops yesterday.

I have two projects in mind for the class. The first is a very simple quilt using one of my Nani Iro prints from Japan. I bought this fantastic red from the collection of fabrics in the Funquilts studio. The color is dead on and I love the pattern. Then I found this excellent gray yesterday during the fabric search. Now I just need one more color. I’m not sure about the light pink. I also have a yellow and a blue that I’m considering.


My other project is a quilt of all solids from one of the patterns she gave us in class. The trick, as I understand it, is to get as many colors in there as you can to create visual interest. So this is what I have so far. I was inspired by a 1950s color palette I tore out from the December issue of Elle Decoration – gray, dark gray, mustard, lemon yellow, light blue and teal. I never thought I’d have any teal in my house (especially after years of driving the automo-teal) but I think it looks great with these other colors.


Here are some other neat finds from the fabric store… This fabric that looks like someone went crazy on it with a Spirograph and some bright blue wool felt for another robot. I’ve been working on a second robot and having technical difficulties. He’s very wide. But I’m reinvigorated after seeing these cool robot quilts by Kathy Weaver this morning. Thanks Melanie for the link!


And I found these sweet little prints. Maybe for my vintage catwalk kitty.


And last but not least, the sweet dear Kate sent me some fantastic buttons, this neat duckie ribbon and a bit of beautiful asian fabric. I’m thinking the blue buttons for the kitty’s eyes and the lovely pink ones for her dress. Thank you Kate!!


I’ll write more about the class later this week but now I have to go and get the place ready for the imminent arrival of the birthday present my Dad made me! hooray!

8 thoughts on “Fun!

  1. hannah says:

    how wonderful hillary! i am glad you have found a good instructor that is challenging you. i cant imagine how great your quilts will be! i love all your fabric finds too! does oscar go with you on fabric hunts?

  2. Giao says:

    Fabu! I am never more impressed with one human’s drive and creativity than when I come around here! Can’t wait to see the quilty treasures your make!!

  3. Sandra says:

    Hillary, how fun that you’re taking a quilting class! I’m sure you’ll love it. Please don’t agonize over choosing the “right” colors though. Have fun with it all, and remember that the beauty of patchwork is that everything just kind of blends in when the quilt is all put together. I really love the colors you use, the ones I see in the projects in your blog- so stay true to your own color sense! I hope you make some cute quilts for Oscar and that you share them with us :o)

  4. hannah says:

    eliot likes the fabric store until there is no more room in the back of the cart because of all the bolts of fabric i cant decide on. he loves his official job of “thread holder” and usually plays with the spools for a few days at home too.

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