birthday goodies

Thanks everybody for all the birthday wishes over the weekend!! So nice! Here’s my yummy birthday cake that my Dad made for me.. chocolate with butter icing! My Dad also made me the coolest thing in his woodshop. It should be delivered soon and then I’ll take some photos.


And here are all the crafty gifts my Mom gave me… a speedball fabric printing kit, those rainbow-licious crochet hooks, some bamboo dpns, huge mega 50s, and some clover treats – quilting shears and a thread cutter. hooray!


and I got some non crafty items as well… this beautiful pashupatina necklace (thank you Cindy!) and this pretty sparkly brooch from my sister (thank you Katie!). oh and a gift card for clothes from my Mom. Clothes? Are those what you wear when leaving the house? We’re all pajamas all the time over here. Especially with the teen temperatures that are heading our way.


Oh, and thanks everybody for all the crochet help! I’m going to try my hand at some of those fancy stitches everyone suggested and see how it goes.

9 thoughts on “birthday goodies

  1. hannah says:

    wow hillary, you hit the jackpot! i cant wait to see what amazing things you create with all your new goodies!
    keep warm up there. kc is bearing down for another ice storm. we lucked out last week, i hope we can do the same this week. please stay up trees!

  2. patricia says:

    yeehaw! happy birthday — lotsa good crochet info at — i love natalie’s necklaces too — i got a great one this past summer — let us all know how you like that speedball thing…and boy it’s good to know i’m not the only homeworker who lives in my pj’s — enjoy all the snow, i miss it so much where i’m at…

  3. Giao says:

    Wow, what a veritable treasure trove of birthday goodies! Lucky girl! Stay in your jammies for as long as you can. I think we’re getting sleet and ice storms today and tomorrow. Bah!

  4. Cimba says:

    Hey, but! Wait! I’ve just counted the candles on your cake and…you are thirteen!! And you said that you were feeling old…you have no mercy for us old ladies out there! ;))

  5. Jenny says:

    *wow* just popped on here for the first time and i had to tell you that you have the best good-gift-taste family/friends EVER! your dad sounds amazing! he baked you a cake and made you that awesome desk~so cool! happy birthday! (:

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