a few more vintage things

Here are a few more vintage things I’d love to swap for crafty goodies. Check out my previous post if you’re confused. A few more things I’ve thought of mentioning. Let’s do one item per person for a bit to let anyone who’s interested get a chance. And don’t feel like you can’t play if you haven’t got a stash of vintage fabric and buttons, we’ll come up with something! And don’t worry about being not in the US. If you’re up for the shipping charges so am I. And shipping. I haven’t quite figured it all out yet. But it makes most sense for me to just pay shipping to you and then for you to pay shipping back.


Here’s a cute fuzzy brown sweater from Sears Jr Bazaar (1970s?). I love the ruffled collar and cuffs! 15″ shoulder to shoulder, 34″ bust, 26″ waist unstretch. size 4-6



Sheer pink, pin-tucked blouse with ruffles at collar. Pink rose trim around neck and down front is so cute. It buttons down the back and is fitted with darts at the bust and on the back. 38″ bust, 32″ around bottom and 19″ long. Size 10. This would be so cute for Spring!




Here’s a super cool black mod 60s 100% cotton pique coat with wide white peter pan collar. 16″ shoulder to shoulder, 40″ bust, 42″ waist and rest of the way down, 12″ around upper arm. Tag says size 10 which is a modern 6. It could use a wash but it’s in great shape!





Oh, and for fun, because looking at vintage is FUN! Here are some goodies on their way, the shirt to Melissa? and the Hawaiian dress to Leslie – yah!




14 thoughts on “a few more vintage things

  1. jill says:

    Ohhh, I wish I was a size 10. How I NEED that pink blouse. It is just so dainty and darling. I hope the new owner will love it as much as I would. (too many donuts in my lifetime for such a tiny blouse, darn it)

  2. dawn says:

    oooo, I love the black dress, but I’m not a 6, or a 10 for that matter. 😉 But I’m totally digging the prospect of my new groovy purse.
    What a fun surprise on your site today (as if your site wasn’t fun everyday!)

  3. carolee says:

    Hillary, I’ve been watching your site daily for some time now–I love everything you do. Would you be interested in trading something–a journal, maybe, or some craft supplies dictated by you–for the black mod coat?
    *pant, pant*

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